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“SolidSlime Table Tennis Adapter” for Oculus Quest 2

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What makes a good adapter?

  • Incredible tracking quality. No tracking dead corner as you can see in the tracking demo video.
  • Realistically weighted and customizable. 168g if using a controller that has battery cap removed and AAA battery being used.
    • If you have a real life racket, tell me its weight and I’ll be able to print an adapter to match it as closely as possible.
  • Fantastic balance. Center of weight is lower than most of the other adapters. Feels just like holding a real racket. Since the weight is already quite low, there’s room for adding extra lead strips / rubber / grip tape to adjust the weight / balance even more.
  • No shakiness. Designed using a precise 3d scanned model of controller, and tightened by bolts+nuts.
  • Various handle shapes to choose from. Currently there are FL, ST, CPen. All are designed according to renowned Butterfly blades.
  • Works for both shakehand and penhold grip(especially RPB).
    • Penhold (TPB) still has slight issues, which I’m planning to solve with some good penhold players.
  • Easy battery change. No need to disassemble.

You can find it in the shop: