SolidSlime Adapter for Eleven Table Tennis on Meta Quest 3 (v3)

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Wonderful tracking & weight. Versatile handle shape choices and works for both shakehand and penhold grips.


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* USA / Canada
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* Australia/New Zealand/ other oceanic countries
* South East Asia, India
* 中国大陆 (mainland China)

Note: This adapter is for players with shakehand style . If you use penhold style, please check out the CyberPen adapter specifically designed for penhold.

Hej! SolidSlime (co-creator of the popular 4008.1 ball machine drill) here.
This is a solid adapter that will make you feel like you are wielding a real table tennis racket.

It’s used and loved by many top players in the world. If you are looking for a way to make the skill transfer between VR and real life easier, this is the adapter of choice.


  • 🏓Very good tracking quality for both forehand and backhand, especially tuned for Quest 3 controller and verified by top players.
  • Shakehand (for penhold, please search for the “CyberPen” product)
  • 👍Realistically weighted. (166g~183g depending on AAA or AA battery. Can also be customized per request)
  • ⚖️Comfortable balance.
  • 💪Controller does not wobble during swing.
  • 🔢 Various handle shapes(Flared, Straight, Anatomic). (What are these and why should I care?)
  • 🧷The design allows stock wrist straps to be used for minimizing safety risk.
  • ⏩10 second assembly by hand. No screws! (new feature in v3)
  • 🪵Wood grain patterns on the handle to ensure slip-free grip. (new feature in v3)

Current version:




Please note that we are working with the developer of ETT to add the position preset of this adapter into the game. Until it is done, please download the position from cloud code 4008.57 as the video above shows.

Rubber shapes: SVG, PDF

Weight adjustment tips:

Although the adapter is already pretty light and well balanced, you can reduce the weight of the racket even further, if that is a goal:

On the contrary, if you would like to increase the weight the adapter, you can attach lead tapes or even coins to the surfaces of the adapter.
If you have a specific weight in mind, feel free to leave a note when you place the order!

About shipping:

The SolidSlime Adapter is shipped from Sweden within 1~3 (currently 5-7) days of placing the order.
Shipping cost can be calculated once you have put a product into the shopping cart.

  • Shipping time within Sweden: 1-3 business days
  • Shipping time outside Sweden: 3-15 business days

Other notes

  • Meta Quest Touch Pro VR Controllers are not included.
  • COMPATIBLE with official Meta rechargeable battery.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with controller protective covers that will make the controller thicker.
  • Due to the technology limitation of FDM printing, in rare cases there might be imperfection on some surfaces, but each adapter has been inspected carefully to make sure that even if those imperfections exist, the functionality would not be affected.
  • I’m happy to listen to every user’s opinion and improve the design/process accordingly. I’m easily reachable on discord (solidslime) and email ( Don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 here!

Making the best adapter is a journey. There are always things to improve.

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Right handed, Left handed

Handle shape

Flared, Straight, Anatomic, Chinese Penhold




Adapter: 60g
Whole racket will be between 166g and 183g depending on the battery used.
Please consider ordering the AAA->AA battery adapter if you prefer a lighter racket.

5 reviews for SolidSlime Adapter for Eleven Table Tennis on Meta Quest 3 (v3)

  1. Marcel (verified owner)

    SolidSlime Quest 3, ETT adapter V2 review (also posted on ETT discord)

    I can say that the SolidSlime ETT adapter is one of the best adapters out there.
    + Good tracking, especially FH spin and services
    + Solid/sturdy mounting of controller into adapter. No way that the controller can get out
    + Good weight and weight balance matching IRL paddles
    + Haptic feedback is maximized due to use of mounting on all sides and fitted with thumbscrews
    + Solidslime adapter settings are included in ETT and also shared separately to ensure you get the best paddle alignment in game.
    – Like with V1, you have to turn up the haptic feedback to get the same feeling as your IRL paddle. The ss adapters uses a solid method to fix your controller so it will always provide more vibration feedback compared to adapters that use Velcro

    – On Quest 2, I had used the Sanlaki adapter as well as the SS v2.0. The differences there were pretty massive, and I can see similar base quality and approaches on the Quest 3 V2.0
    – On Quest 3, I have used the SS V1 previously
    – I play table tennis IRL for some decades, as well as ETT in VR.

    How to mount your controller in the SS V2:
    – You really need to watch the video on SS website on how to do this. Once you get to see this and hear a click, you know that it has snapped into the right position:

    – My IRL carbon paddle weights 151 grams and the SS V2 is 148 gr and can even weight less if you put in an AAA battery. Adding real rubber to the adapter will bring it extremely close to my IRL paddle weight wise

    – The SS V2 weight balance is good. There is equal wright left and right from the CenterPoint on the paddle and also top/bottom weight balance is very close to my real paddle. Weight balance up and under the paddle is ever so slightly a few grams more weight to the upside of the paddle. On the V1 there was clearly more weight under the paddle. So also, this is very close to an IRL paddle

    Haptic feedback / feel the ball
    – As with all Solid Slimes designs, the mounting of the controller in the adapter is absolutely rock solid. The controller is locked from all sides into the controller, which will make a very stiff and tight fit. You won’t feel the controller move at all.
    – This method also ensures that the vibration from the controller is 100% transferred to your adapter into the handle and to your hands.
    – Now, this is a point where SS V1 was better at, but maybe it was exaggerating a bit. The vibration motor sits inside the handle of the controller, so with a different mounting position on the V2, vibrations are less obvious initially. With less vibration, you will ‘sense’ the ball less and the paddle feels a bit more numb. On the other hand, going back and forth for about 16 times between V1 and V2, I have gotten used to the V2 vibration strength and also believe that the V2 tight/firm mounting onto the adapter is the better solution vs a Velcro solution as that by default is a more loose and flexible mounting type.

    Semi-scientific tracking tests
    – Now, I wanted to do a more ‘measured’ approach to the tracking differences but I basically spend a couple of hours, playing against the ball machine doing different drills with FH and BH and all kind of strokes to figure out that tracking and frame drops were independent from each other……. So all those hours were spend in vain.
    – Anyhow….. by looking at an adapter, you can basically see where tracking issues would start to appear. As those are the strokes where most, if not all, leds are blocked or at least not visible by the headset. So, I did setup the ballmachine to do certain drills and I exaggerated my strokes a little to find those tracking issues.
    – Tracking issues normally result in balls being missed or hits with the side of your paddle or balls going wide or even that your paddle starts to move on it own/not in a fluent move.
    – If you play regular FH/BH drive strokes or open paddle/easy FH/BH spin balls you wont notice that much of a difference.
    – On V1, I could force the controller to actually loose tracking by making movements where you could see the adapter to be struggling. So returning heavy backspin balls with BH (paddle very flat) or heavy/fast spinning of backspin balls on your FH. Or fast FH spin over spin balls. And indeed, I had a large nr of missed/badly hit balls in those areas and saw my paddle making weird movements at the end of certain strokes
    – On V2 on all possible positions I hit the ball in a stable manner. Tracking feels stable, especially FH has improved and BH was already good on V1 and got even slightly better
    – I played a couple of BO7 with the V2 and had less tracking issues on my extreme strokes

    – No complaints here on V2. People who have played against me, know that I use a lot of variation in my services and also hold my paddle almost vertical on some of them. This feels as stable as it was on my Q2 SS V2 adapter.

    – As mentioned, the adapter itself is very robust. It is not likely to break if you happen to ‘go for that ball’ and your closet seems to be in the way. Although it is not made of steel so don’t overdo it ^^
    – There is a verrrrrry slight wiggle when using BH smashes together with wrist movement. 99% of the users won’t even notice this
    – The thumb screws are ideal to do a quick mount/unmount of the controller if you want to. If you only play ETT, then you don’t need these as it is also possible to remove the battery without removing the adapter
    – Solidslime adapter development is a continuous activity by the creator. This ensures that you always will get the latest and greatest adapter. Solidslime is very responsive to feedback

  2. Emil Jonsson (verified owner)

    After two weeks with the Meta Quest 3, my venture into virtual reality, particularly with Eleven Table Tennis (ETT), has been nothing short of remarkable. As a seasoned PC gamer with over two decades of gaming experience, transitioning to VR was a new frontier for me. My table tennis journey, spanning five years, has been primarily shared with my father as a means of staying active. We’ve enjoyed bi-weekly sessions, and ETT presented an exciting opportunity to extend this experience into the virtual realm.

    Eleven Table Tennis Experience:
    ETT, developed by For Fun Labs, impressively encapsulates the essence of table tennis in a VR setting. The simulation is strikingly authentic, reflecting my real-life strengths and weaknesses in the game. This past week has seen my skills in table tennis significantly improve, both against AI opponents and real players. The game’s ability to emulate real-life play is so accurate that my father, a staunch video game critic, found himself enjoying ETT once he tried it. His quick adaptation to the VR environment was remarkable, and I’m considering gifting him a Quest 2 for Christmas to facilitate more frequent practice sessions.
    Despite the overwhelmingly positive aspects, I’ve noticed some sync issues with the controllers during intense swings, irrespective of using the adapter or not. Additionally, the in-game ball speed, especially during smashes, feels slightly slower compared to real-life play.

    SolidSlime Quest 3 V2 Adapter Insights:
    The SolidSlime adapter’s durability exceeded my expectations. Its design ensures the controller remains securely in place, and its assembly is straightforward. However, I anticipate the possibility of losing one of the nuts, as it tends to dislodge when not screwed in, though it is easily replaceable.

    The adapter significantly elevates the gaming experience, making it a valuable addition for advanced players. I encountered no sync issues attributable to the adapter. The initial plastic composition made the handle slippery during extended play, but this was remedied by adding a rubber grip, enhancing both the feel and the weight distribution.

    While the adapter’s weight balance isn’t perfect, the addition of the rubber grip substantially improved the handling, I still feel like the balance and weight distribution of the paddle adapter could benefit from further refinement.

    In summary, the SolidSlime Quest 3 V2 Adapter is a commendable accessory for anyone playing ETT. It not only makes the experience more comfortable but also remarkably enhances the realism of the game. This combination of the Meta Quest 3, ETT, and the SolidSlime adapter offers a deeply engaging and authentic virtual table tennis experience, which I highly recommend to enthusiasts and casual players alike.

  3. Anton (verified owner)

    To be fair I was in some doubts when unpacked the racket. Too light handle and it’s printed (I donna why I expected it from wood). Installation was a bit tough. Unusually heavy top part (with controller)…
    But after the first match I found it… awesome! It much better that pure controller. Like real racket.
    Thanks SolidSlime! 🙂

  4. Claudio Calderón (verified owner)

    My solidslime adapter arrived! It is spectacular. I win almost 200 points in a single day thanks to her. Thank you so much !

  5. Moessoe

    ‘Buy cheap, buy twice.’
    Once again found this old saying true when I decided to save a little and buy cheap grip adapter from famous Chinese website. It’s just an extra plastic handle for existing controller, can’t be any meaningful difference, right?
    First of all, controller was not too securely mounted and it rattled on use, weight distribution felt weird and it was really difficult to setup in 11TT as there was no preset. What made the adapter useless however was how it broke tracking. It had fundamental design flaw where controller was facing the wrong way. Total waste of money and time.
    I decided to give these kinds of grips another shot after some googling as people were saying nice things about SolidSlime adapter. It costed three times what the Chinese version did (well six if you count in that you got one grip for each hand in the package) but after receiving it I can see why. All of the problems mentioned above are non-issues with this adapter. Wish I had gone with proper option in the first place. Thanks for making it!

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