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Community Spotlight: 11’ClubHouse

Hello friends, today I’m going to introduce the best Eleven VR social network: .

This is a professionally made fan-made website that answers a lot of questions you might have:

  • 🤔How many players are there?
  • 🏆Who are the best players?
  • 🏓Who are playing right now?
  • 📊What’s the match history of someone?
  • ⚙️What equipment / settings does someone use?
  • 🔄What’s the head-to-head history between two players?
  • 🌍How many people are there from certain country/area?
  • 😊How friendly/sportsman is a certain player likely to be?

Some of these features require a user account. After registering an account, you can also link it to your ETT account through simple steps. I highly recommend to do that.

Among other things, this website is also free and has no advertisement.
There’s a donation link, but the developer is so modest that the link is barely visible at the bottom of the page (and is only shown after login). If you wish to help finance the website, please donate at .

Player profile
Leaderboard with country/area info here!

Making the best adapter is a journey. There are always things to improve.

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