“CyberPen” Penhold Adapter for Eleven Table Tennis on Meta Quest 3

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Best penhold table tennis adapter for Quest 3. Ample room for finger placement. Works for both RPB and traditional penhold block styles.


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Hej! SolidSlime here.
This is a table tennis adapter specifically designed for PENHOLD players. The tracking works for both RPB (reverse penhold backhand) and TPB (traditional penhold block) styles.


  • Very good tracking quality.
  • ✅RPB✅TPB
  • ✅CPen✅JPen
  • ⚖️Comfortable balance.
  • Controller does not wobble during swing.
  • Includes rubbers if preferred.
  • Easy assembly by hand.


For over two decades, I dedicated myself to the art of penhold in real-life table tennis. Then in 2020, I embarked on a new journey, transitioning to shakehand style with the invaluable assistance of Eleven Table Tennis. However, the inability to comfortably execute penhold techniques with the Quest 3 has consistently irked me. Unfortunately, the existing adapters I experimented with fell short, either suffering from subpar tracking for penhold or lacking sufficient space for proper finger positioning on the back.

Motivated by this gap, I took matters into my own hands and meticulously crafted a penhold adapter tailored specifically for the Quest 3.

This innovative adapter strategically positions the controller to ensure that the LEDs remain consistently visible to the headset during all penhold techniques. Additionally, the design liberates the back rubber, providing ample space for versatile finger placement. Drawing inspiration from both Chinese Penhold and Japanese Penhold styles, the handle is a harmonious blend of both worlds.

The thoughtfully integrated design boasts numerous unique details that await discovery in your hands. I eagerly anticipate your exploration and enjoyment of these subtle yet impactful features.

Current version:




About center of weight:

In order to ensure the more important features (tracking, finger space), the controller of this adapter is positioned near the wrist.

So, to ensure the adapter is still comfortable to use, we made several design and printing choices. For example, the top half of the adapter is printed with 100% infill.

We also strongly recommend putting rubbers onto the surfaces of the adapter, because this is also a meaningful way of shifting the center of weight.

The shop can put the rubbers on before shipping the adapter. If you would like to use your own rubbers, we recommend to use either double sided tape or strong glue to fix the rubbers to the adapter.

Other ways of changing the center of weight include using AAA->AA battery adapters , and/or using lead tapes.

About shipping:

The SolidSlime Adapter is shipped from Sweden within 1~3 (currently 5-7) days of placing the order.
Shipping cost can be calculated once you have put a product into the shopping cart.

  • Shipping time within Sweden: 1-3 business days
  • Shipping time outside Sweden: 3-15 business days

Other notes

  • Meta Quest Touch Pro VR Controllers are not included.
  • Small objects are included. Please keep it out of the reach of young kids.
  • Due to the technology limitation of FDM printing, in rare cases there might be imperfection on some surfaces, but each adapter has been inspected carefully to make sure that even if those imperfections exist, the functionality would not be affected.
  • I’m happy to listen to every user’s opinion and improve the design/process accordingly. I’m easily reachable on discord (solidslime) and email (shop@solidslime.net). Don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

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Making the best adapter is a journey. There are always things to improve.

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