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SolidSlime Quest 2 adapter version changelog: 1.3~1.7


  • Minor changes to make production easier.


  • Added anatomic handle shape per request of Aiphaton.
    Inspiration is taken from Sanlaki’s anatomic handle.
AN handle


  • Added versions where specific places of the blade are lowered, so rubber can be attached without making the adapter too thick.


  • Remodeled CPen (Chinese Penhold) handle so the “shoulders” now follow FocusGUAN’s TimoBoll Spirit CS blade.
    While looking at the FH side, the right shoulder is rounded more than the left side. Real life CPen players often use sandpaper to create this effect, to make the grip more comfortable.
  • “Shoulder” of CPen handle is printed with 100% infill, so it can be sanded down according to user preference.
shoulder has 100% infill and can be sanded down
  • Rotated screws towards the center line of the adapter more, so they don’t pose a potential safety risk.
  • Made the top part wider to strengthen it.


  • Shrank left wing (while a right handed player is doing a FH loop), in an attempt to make the ring even more visible during FH loop.

close here!

Making the best adapter is a journey. There are always things to improve.

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