SS115 table tennis adapter for Pico Neo3 & Pico Neo3 Link

 19.9 excl. VAT

An adapter that is designed by passion, built with experience and improved via feedback.


Hey! I (SolidSlime) designed this adapter with the help of top ETT player CHN_shayne115 (ELO>3300).

I hope it will help you enjoy ETT in the best way possible.

* 🎯Flawless tracking quality.
* ✅ShakehandPenhold.
* 🏓Realistically weighted.
* ⚖️Comfortable balance.
* 🥌Controller does not wobble during swing.
* 🔢Various handle shapes(FL, ST, CPEN).
* 🔋Easy battery change.

The package will include the adapter and the screw driver needed to install the adapter.

Paddle position can be downloaded from 4008.16.

Installation guide coming soon. It’s very similar to the Quest 2 adapter.

Note 1: Don’t forget I also have AAA->AA battery adapter if you need it.

Note 2: This is just a personal hobby rather than a business, so sorry for any potential problems as I figure things out. I’m reachable on discord (SolidSlime#2677) and email ( Thank you!

Note 3: Pico neo3 controller is not included.

Note 4: Due to the technology limitation of FDM printing, in rare cases there might be imperfection on some surfaces, but each adapter has been inspected carefully to make sure that even if those imperfections exist, the functionality would not be affected.

Note 5: Rubber cut out shapes can be supplied if there’s need.

About shipping:

The adapter is shipped from Sweden within 1~3 days of placing the order.
Within Sweden:
4 euro, 1-3 business days (no tracking).
Outside Sweden:
10 euro, 3-10 business days (with tracking).
4 euro, 10-20 business days (no tracking).

Welcome to for more information. here!

Making the best adapter is a journey. There are always things to improve.

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Additional information


Right handed, Left handed

Handle shape

Flared, Straight, Anatomic, Chinese Penhold


PLA, stainless steel


36g (can be customized via order comment)


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