SolidSlime Adapter for Eleven Table Tennis on Oculus Quest 2

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Wonderful tracking & weight. Versatile handle shape choices and works for both shakehand and penhold grips.
Overwhelmingly positive reviews from many top players.


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Hej! SolidSlime (co-creator of the popular 4008.1 ball machine drill) here.
This is a soild adapter that will make you feel like you are wielding a real table tennis racket.


  • 🎯Flawless tracking quality.
  • ShakehandPenhold.
  • 🏓Realistically weighted. (168g~185g, depending on the type of battery used)
  • ⚖️Comfortable balance.
  • 🥌Controller does not wobble during swing.
  • 🔢Various handle shapes(Flared, Straight, Anatomic, Chinese Penhold). (What are these and why should I care?)
  • 🔋Easy battery change.
  • 👌Easy assembly by hand under 30 seconds.

Before you order the SolidSlime adapter, welcome to check out the reviews written by users, and this video review made by top player Aiphaton!

Current version:

v2.1 (Changelog)

External reviews:

Expert coach, world no.1 PROTT_VR testing SolidSlime adapter [1][2]

Top player Aiphaton testing SolidSlime adapter

외국의 유명한 일레븐 탁구 라켓 소개(Solidslime Adapter 1.8)

일레븐 탁구라켓(Solidslime ver2.0) 수령후기 및 ver 1.8과 비교



About paddle position:

ETT Paddle Position Cloud Codes

Important notes

The latest versions don’t require screw driver anymore. The adapter comes with thumb screws.
You can also order AAA->AA battery adapter if you need to reduce the weight even further.
When you are using the adapter, remember to remove the battery cap from the controller!

About shipping:

The SolidSlime Adapter is shipped from Sweden within 1~3 days of placing the order.
Shipping cost can be calculated once you have put a product into the shopping cart.

Shipping time within Sweden:
1-3 business days
Shipping time outside Sweden:
3-15 business days

Other notes

  • Oculus touch controller is not included.
  • Due to the technology limitation of FDM printing, in rare cases there might be imperfection on some surfaces, but each adapter has been inspected carefully to make sure that even if those imperfections exist, the functionality would not be affected.
  • Though this is still just a personal hobby rather than a business, I’m happy to listen to every user’s opinion and improve the design/process accordingly. I’m easily reachable on discord (SolidSlime#2677) and email ( Don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 here!

Making the best adapter is a journey. There are always things to improve.

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Additional information


Right handed, Left handed

Handle shape

Flared, Straight, Anatomic, Chinese Penhold


PLA, stainless steel


44g (can be customized via order comment)

6 reviews for SolidSlime Adapter for Eleven Table Tennis on Oculus Quest 2

  1. Rick Booth (verified owner)

    This is now my most highly recommended adapter. Screw fixing rather than velcro makes it feel more secure than anything else I’ve tried, and the haptic feedback is better. It feels totally natural and works extremely well. There are several very very good adapters now, but for me this seems to be the best yet.

  2. Douglas Yau

    I am 54 and have been a penholder for the past 40 playing years. Got the JKL adapter and really enjoyed being able to go back to my natural grip. Broke it when I smashed it into my speaker accidentally. Duct taped it to keep using it while waiting for the SolidSlime replacement. It came last week and I am blown away by the difference it made to my ETT game. Not only is the set up now lighter, it is much better balanced. The fit is perfect and there is zero give while playing, however vigorously. It also looks good. The only down side might that every time my kids want to play Gorn or Beat Saber I have to get out the mini screwdriver, release the controller and put the battery door back. I am seriously thinking to get an extra controller. In conclusion, if you are a penholder, this is THE adapter to get. Period.

  3. Jason Jamal Nakleh (verified owner)

    Finally got around to trying out the SolidSlime 1.2FL (flared handle) adapter tonight. Purchased on April 26, delivered on May 4. (Arrived to NYC from Sweden on April 29, but got stuck in US customs for a bit. No fault of SolidSlime’s- delay is on USPS- shipping was very fast).

    Total weight with rubbers, grip tape and rechargeable AA battery is 185g (168g naked with AAA battery and adapter). Overall print quality is nice- mine came in a slate grey color. Structurally, it’s really solid- though visually, mine does have some surface scuffs from the print head contacting the surface on the final layers of the flat paddle sections, but nothing that affects performance at all. Even through they appear visually, they feel smooth to the touch, and 90% of them were covered once I applied rubbers to FH and BH side. The adapter feels very solid- no flexing or twisting at all like some other adapters I’ve used.

    Compared to other adapters that use a velcro fastening system, this adapter is much more secure. Zero wiggle, zero shake. The screw and nut system holding it together is very solid. It comes with a little screwdriver included, a nice touch. The controller doesn’t need to be removed from the adapter to change the battery, which is nice as well (I’m using rechargeable AA for longer battery life, but AAA adapter can be used as well to shave weight off- an adapter is available from Solidslime’s website for €1).

    I’ve been using the Wasyl Ultralight for over 2 months prior to receiving this, and that weighs 104g- so this obviously feels much heavier in hand. But compared to Roykaka or Sanlaki, the weight is lighter, and weight distribution feels nicer as well. Not too top heavy. At first I thought the added weight would be cumbersome, but I quickly “adapted” (see what I did there?) and actually felt the added weight might have given me some extra centrifugal force that resulted in extra speed and spin on my shots. FH feels good, BH feels even better. The ring is a tad close to my fat thumb- for those doing pendulum serves, or those with fat fingers like me, it could get in the way, but it’s not a major issue (for me, at least). I’m not a twiddler, but from what I hear it could be more difficult to twiddle due to the ring position. Ring position is in the same orientation as the stock controllers, facing the headset (but tilted down a touch) compared to rotated 90 degrees from Roykaka or Sanlaki type. I’d like to see a tiny bit more space between the ring and the hand in future variations, which is something I believe SolidSlime is considering.

    I played about a dozen matches with it tonight- didn’t have any tracking issues at all. I’m not a super fast swinger, and my stroke is relatively compact- my FH loops don’t start from behind my body, but I did try to swing from as far back as I could and I didn’t find any noticeable tracking problems.

    Using preset 4008.17, and looking at it back and forth through passthrough mode and back, the preset seems fairly accurate- to my eye, it seems like the VR paddle angle was a bit more closed compared to the actual paddle in-hand- I’d rather it be more closed than more open though, and this is something that can be adjusted to taste, but I figured I’d mention it. Passthrough isn’t the best method of judging, as one eye looks different from the other, but it works fine. Haptics feel nice and strong, most likely from the secure screw and nut fastening the controller tightly to the adapter.

    Overall, I’d give this a solid recommendation. It’s a step up from Sanlaki type adapters, the price is right, and it’s built to last. I picture SolidSlime selling a LOT of these. Other than this and the Wasyl Ultralight, I’ve also used Sanlaki original, Sanlaki v2, Thake Sanlaki, Roykaka original, Roykaka RP, AMVR, and 11A. The Wasyl Ultralight is my first true love, but I will continue to use this adapter for a while to see how it treats me. Compared to the others that I tried before the Ultralight, this is a step up for sure. Well done, SolidSlime! Looking forward to trying out future versions.

  4. Hyunjin Park (verified owner)

    hello. I am a Korean user who was recently introduced to and purchased by the table tennis community. I got my fume today. But I don’t know what version of the racket I bought. Where can I check it? I used google translate

  5. Twolefthands

    I’m ashamed to say that I was in ‘two minds’ about recommending the SolidSlime ETT adapter, as it’s just soooooo good! I selfishly wanted to keep it all to myself… ohhh, and all those who have also invested in one!
    There are models available, for shakehand or penhold grip, for the Quest 1 and 2, Rift S, Pico Neo3 and Neo3 Link. Various handle shapes are available (Flared, Straight, Anatomic and Chinese Penhold). Best of all, if a replacement is ever needed, it won’t break the bank. My Q2 adapter, with the optional AAA-to-AA battery adapter, cost me just 24.18 GBP, was posted from Sweden on September 1st and dropped through my letterbox on the 5th!
    I was immediately struck by how light it was… a mere 185g with the controller and an AA battery fitted, or a featherweight 168g with the battery adapter and AAA battery. The latter also shifts the centre of weight a little. Plus, due to the design, the battery can easily be changed without any dissembling. After watching the YT video, I had it assembled and ‘ready to play’ in about a minute.
    Unlike others, who play lots of ranked matches, and have reported meteoric rises in their elo using it… I mostly play unranked, but over the following two hours, I noticed a massive improvement in the quality of my play. One opponent/friend was amazed that I had received it that morning, and was already playing so well with it. I even managed to beat a few of my regular opponents that I had never beaten before!
    I have been using the adapter now for about a week, as I wanted to give it a really good try out before writing this review.
    My first ETT adapter was a Sanlaki. After about a year it had an argument with a wall and…. the wall won! I then tried Det-Man’s 11A adapter for another year. I really loved them both, but the SolidSlime knocks them completely for six! It is lighter than, but as balanced as the 11A. But, being absolutely nowhere near as top-heavy as the Sanlaki, I have experienced no shoulder/arm pains whatsoever.
    I had, some time back, enquired about the Wasyl adapter, but due to the fact that it incorporates a Q2 controller, it was waaaaaay too expensive for me. I also thought… if it ever met the same fate as the Sanlaki, mentioned earlier, it would basically end up being one hell of an expensive paperweight!
    The SolidSlime, I have read, comes a VERY close second to the Wasyl when it comes to flawless tracking, weight etc.
    Unlike my Sanlaki, where the controller was held in place by a velcro strap, and sometimes worked loose and moved about during play, with the SolidSlime there is absolutely no controller movement regardless of how hard you swing.
    If you ONLY play ETT you can leave the adapter permanently attached to your controller. If you play other games, you can easily remove it, using the supplied hex screw driver, within a minute or less.
    I would advise anyone considering buying an ETT adapter to visit: and check out the videos and reviews there to see exactly what SolidSlime has to offer.

  6. Endrick C

    I’m using Solid Slime Quest 2 2.0 Flare lefty. This is my first ETT adapter, I’ve been playing without it for a year and with it the past three weeks.

    The table tennis experience overall is a lot better with the adapter. I can easily hold slightly different grips during gameplay to place or receive shots with better angles. I like to switch to holding the bottom end of the paddle on farther receives or slightly rotate my grip for a strong backhand for example. Backhands with the adapter feel a lot more natural especially.

    The adapter felt like it was bending in my first few games, but if screwed correctly, the bending of the material is negligible. The paddle is holding together fine even after all my swinging. I haven’t got a AAA battery adapter, and frankly after a few days I got used to the weight of the device and won’t need to reduce it further.

    There are a few details with room left for improvement, rare are perfect products:
    1. The grip (and most of the paddle) is 3d printed plastic. There’s no wood, I assume due to different manufacturing process, cost and weight. Sponge for the finger rest could also be a great addition bearing in mind the previous constraints.
    2. I see more recent versions have hand screws on, good improvement! I received a version that needed a specific hexagonal screwdriver and I had to go to the nearest hardware store to get one. None of the ones I owned fitted.
    3. Due to using the Quest 2 version, twiddle doesn’t, the large circle on the controller gets in the way, and the finger rest (where the sponge would be) isn’t symmetric. This also means it can be tedious to let my right handed friends try the adapter in its full glory.

    Overall a very good product and low price, I recommend to anyone looking to perfect their play or enjoy their game. Good work Solid Slime!

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