ETT Paddle Position Cloud Codes

First, find your adapter version at the bottom of the handle.

Then check the table below to find the code for your version of the adapter:
In Eleven Table Tennis:
1. Menu➡️Settings➡️Tree➡️Settings on Cloud➡️Paddle Settings
2. Enter the code, press “Download” and press “OK”. (If you want to use them in beta version of ETT, add “production.” (without quotes) in front of the codes.)
3. Then open Menu➡️Settings➡️Paddle Settings, and select the paddle position you want. You may need to select something else and then select the desired one for it to take effect.

The downloaded paddle positions will be added to the list without deleting the existing ones. The only exception is when the existing ones have a name conflict with the new ones. It’s always a good idea to upload your paddle positions as a backup first (using the same menu item above).

DeviceCodeDescription (version can be seen at the bottom of the handle)
Quest 24008.25SolidSlime Quest 2 adapter version 1.X
Alternatively, 387612.8 by LooneyVicar, and 315909.1 by Aiphaton
Quest 24008.26SolidSlime Quest 2 adapter version 2.X <–newest version for shakehand players
Quest 24008.24SolidSlime Quest 2 adapter version 2.0a <–newest version for CPen players
Pico Neo34008.18SS115 Pico Neo 3 adapter version 1.X
Quest 14008.23SolidSlime Quest 1 adapter version 2.X
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